Thursday, January 8, 2009

My First

Well, I hear all about everyone blogging--- and a great friend of mine(hildogteaches) was talking about her blog and I was like--- what the heck--- I want in on the fun! As you can tell, i do not like to miss a party. Well, today is a typical day so far... I have seen a few kiddos for a variety of ailments; routine meds, tummy aches, scraped knees.... and the saddest which i cannot really mention, but say that i am glad we live in a society today where children are recognized, maybe not by all, as our future and we are to treat them accordingly. This is why I do what try to make a difference in a young life. Ok, today's weirdest complaint so far is "my eyelashes hurt"-- I love kids--- they can be so animated.
OK well, I am just back from "lunch"--- it is in quotes because I really don't get an uninterrupted lunch... Today, someone needed a safety pin for a shirt--- not miffed at the kid--- but the teacher--- ok it is almost 1pm and you are just noticing your students shirt is NOT APPROPRIATE or is it that you are just now noticing the student??... wow! I had a fear of the chicken pox that also interrupted my lunch for a few minutes--- the teacher insisted I see the kid--- again it is almost 1pm people--- Well, I am back to work--- logging in hearing and vision results for about 450 students WHOOOHOOO--- i do love my job.... I love the kids and my friends here... I love the schedule.... making all of my daughter's games (she is a basketball warrior--- actually a lady lion---). Can you tell I am a proud mama--- she is going to be a great big sis'!