Monday, January 12, 2009

I am Glad it is Monday...

Even though i have seen over 30 kiddos thus far today.......I am glad it is Monday--- sometimes I need to come to work to vacation from the stresses of everyday family life. I am so blessed though... I have to say I have a wonderful husband who is constantly understanding... and if he is a jerk... admits it and apologizes immediately...he takes the blame for any "discussion" we may have and is always asking for my patience and giving me his in bountiful amounts...I am blessed! I have a 14 y/o daughter--- most would think this would be trying... but she is most amazing... she could be a little more helpful--- but I don't know she seems to always be there when I need her.... She is wonderful to my ailing father... she is great to her new step-dad.... she strives to do her best in whatever she pursues.... grades she wants 95 and above... in sports she gives it her all... she is awesome... I love her--- and i hate that these 2 people I love so very much are hurt by my family and or my choices. Alex hurts over her relationship with her dad and all that is lost there--- he continually threatens to take me to court to get to see her more--- granted he has given her the choice of when she would like to visit. He says hurtful things to her and this kills me... my hubby is hurt by my fam... who cannot mind their own know people are STUPID!!! The past is the past--- you can only learn from it and make better choices--- but it is funny how the evil one will slither in and attack..... UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!

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